Pandora’s Pinwheels: The Reality of Life with Wind Turbines - Australia and New Zealand


Introduction and Background of those interviewed - experts, journalist, people who live in three separate areas too close to wind turbines



10:46 - Prior Attitudes

13:14 - People felt lied to

28:03 - Noise, the many facets of wind turbine noise and how it is different from other industrial noise

53:37 - Health impacts and how close is too close; some people live over 2 miles from the nearest turbine

1:18:51 - Shadow, blade flint, flicker, red flashing lights

1:23:00 - Property values

1:31:34 - Community fracture

1:37:48 - Quality of Life; Amenity

1:45:44 - What would you tell others if a wind developer comes to a community

1:49:09 - Conclusion

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